Desalination Project for Tidung and Harapan Island, Indonesia

Plant Overview

  • Capacity: 800 m³/d

  • Technology: MMF+SWRO

  • Customer: Public Works of Jakarta City

  • Project Name: Tidung and Harapan Islands Desalination Project

  • Project summary: Provide drinking water for islands residents

  • Location: Tidung Island and Harapan Island, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Project start date: May of 2019

  • Project end date: January of 2020

  • Expected completion period of the contract: 8 months

  • Commissioning Date: 2019

  • Project Leader: Mr. Liu Jianhui

  • Number of disposal people: 5

  • Name of partner: PT Aquatec Rekatama Konstruksi

Project Highlights

  • Remote monitoring and control, Public works staff could monitor the system operating in the office in Jakarta

  • Efficient and stable operation, provide the unstopped fresh water to island residents

  • Provide the systematic training to the operators of the project owner and they can operate the system by themselves competently after the project commissioning