Desalination Project for Maratua Island, Indonesia

Plant Overview

  • Capacity: 220 m³/d

  • Technology: UF+SWRO

  • Customer: Public Works of Indonesia

  • Project Name: PW Maratua project

  • Project summary: Provide drinking water for Maratua island residents

  • Location: Maratua island, Berau district, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

  • Project start date: February 2014

  • Project end date: October of 2014

  • Commissioning Date: 2014

  • Name of partner: PT Aquatec Rekatama Konstruksi

Project Highlights

  • Desalination system powered by solar system

  • During the same period, 7 projects were invested and built. After the test of time, only this project by QT is still in normal operation, because of its excellent quality and stable solar power supply

  • Reasonable integration of the equipment, elegant appearance

  • Strong corrosion resistance of equipment material, leading every detail

  • No temporary change on construction site, no delay in construction period