Desalination Project for Djibouti Harbour

Plant Overview

  • Capacity: 1,000 m³/d

  • Technology: MMF+SWRO

  • Customer: Chinese Navy

  • Project Name: Chinese Djibouti Harbor Project

  • Project summary: Provide drinking water for Navy and harbor construction

  • Location: Nouadhibou harbor at Djibouti

  • Project start date: November of 2015

  • Project end date: August of 2016

  • Commissioning Date: 2016

  • Name of partner: Shandong Leojoin Enviromental Technology Group Co., Ltd

Project Highlights

  • Fast onsite installation and commissioning, standard container specification and no need extra roof

  • For the usage of army force and need to ensure the reliability of operation

  • Based on reverse osmosis technology, all the desalination components are pre-assembled in standard containers, including the piping and control systems

  • Massively reduced the on-site installation workload and time required for effective fresh water production

  • The design and manufacturing of the system comply with ASME, ASTM, IEC, and other internationally standards