Desalination Project for Sanya, China

Plant Overview

  • Capacity: 720 m³/d

  • Technology: MMF+SWRO

  • Customer: China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)

  • Project Name: Sanya Harbour Construction Project

  • Project summary: Provide stable fresh water supply for Sanya harbor

  • Location: Sanya city, Hainan island, China

  • Project start date: February of 2016

  • Project end date: June of 2016

  • Commissioning Date: 2016

  • Name of partner: The Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization

Project Highlights

  • Fastest delivery, fast installation

  • Standardized container type desalination unit

  • No temporary change on construction site, no delay in construction period

  • Closely cooperate with the project owner, after the commissioning the operators got systematic training and the they can operate the system by themselves competently

  • Strong corrosion resistance of equipment material, leading in every detail