Desalination Project for Nouadhibou Fishing Harbor

Plant Overview

  • Capacity: 1,000 m³/d

  • Technology: UF+SWRO

  • Customer: Power China Harbour Co., Ltd

  • Project Name: Nouadhibou Fishing Harbor Project

  • Project summary: Provide drinking water for local and ice-making water

  • Location: Nouadhibou Fishing Harbor, Mauritania  

  • Project start date: February of 2017

  • Project end date: January of 2018

  • Commissioning Date: 2017

  • Name of partner: Beijing IWHR Corporation

Project Highlights

  • First seawater desalination plant in Mauritania in the history

  • The former Prime Minister of Mauritania visited the site at the completion of the project, spoke highly of the desalination project undertaken by QT, and drank the clean fresh water produced by the project in public