The QT Group confirms its presence in Africa with a Desalination Station in Mauritania
In 2019, the QT Group was entrusted with the mission relating to the design of a seawater desalination station at the port of Nouadhibou in Mauritania. This Maghreb country whose geographic location constitutes a real strategic asset and an important platform in terms of trade and logistics between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

If the south of the country is characterized by an agricultural zone thanks to the alluvial deposits of the Senegal river, the rest of the country suffers from a shortage of water resources which is mainly due to the low level of annual rains which vary between 100 to 400mm.

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Since 2016, work has started on the construction of a new specialized economic zone in the province of Inchiri, 60 kilometers from the capital. Among the Chinese companies participating in this ambitious project, the QT group, which was responsible for ensuring the supply of drinking water and the production of ice for the fishing port through the implementation of a water desalination unit with a capacity of 5,000m3/day with an initial production phase of 1,000m3/day.

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The representative of the Power Construction Corporation of China, one of the companies responsible for the construction of the port told us: “At the start of the project, we quickly realized that the supply of drinking water would be a problem given the distance between the site and the public water supply network. We started by transforming many trucks intended to transport construction equipment into tanker trucks, but we realized that this was not a sustainable solution, because the costs were high and the supply was not always satisfied... We then called on our long-time water treatment partners, the QT Group, to build a seawater desalination unit. The system was designed in less than three months and since then we have been able to benefit from a stable supply of very high-quality fresh water. "

The seawater in this region is crystal clear water with low suspended solids, hence the choice of coastal beach wells as a method of intake water intake. The desert climate conditions posed many challenges to the progress of the project. QT commissioning team leader Mr. Wang Qiang also said, "Heat was not a major concern, but for the first time in my life I lived and witnessed two great sandstorms up close during the construction period, it was really spectacular and scary at the same time.” Wang Qiang added: "Fortunately, the grids of our desalination system are painted and made up of 5 coats of anti-corrosion paint to prevent salt spray from being touched and to prevent liquid leaks."

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On December 10, 2018, former Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdul Aziz visited the fishing port project, in person, and paid tribute to the efficiency of the many Chinese companies that participated. During the visit to the desalination plant, Mr. Wang Qiang presented the characteristics of the desalination system designed by the QT Group as well as its advantages. As a sign of encouragement, Mr. President drank a glass of treated fresh water and this scene was broadcast by the national television channel.

In October 2019, the desalination plant was officially delivered to the competent authorities to take over the permanent management. The QT Group will continue to provide technical support and after-sales service to the teams in charge of this project. Once again, the QT team was proud to be able to supply drinking water for such a strategic infrastructure project.