Good News Mauritania fishing port project selected for 2022 National High-Quality Project Award.
Good News, QT Deserved. 

Mauritania fishing port project selected for 2022 National High-Quality Project Award

On January 11th, China Electric Power Construction Corporation (CECC) reported that the list of winners for the 2022-2023 National Quality Engineering Award was announced by the China Construction Industry Management Association. The Mauritania Fishing Port project, constructed by CECC Port and Harbor Company, was selected as one of the award winners. This demonstrates the construction quality of CECC and establishes a good reputation for CECC Port and Harbor.

The project is located 60 kilometers north of the capital of Mauritania. QT provided the whole system. It is the largest key livelihood project invested by the local government in nearly 10 years and the only specialized fishing port in Mauritania. It is equipped with complete supporting facilities such as electricity, network, fuel supply, seawater desalination and ice making equipment, fish product trading places, living and office areas, and port management. Since its operation, the project has received large fishing vessels from countries such as China, Turkey, and Spain, which has created favorable conditions for the economic development of Mauritania and marked a new milestone for its fishing industry.

The construction of the project used 10 new technologies in the construction industry, 8 major items, and 12 sub-items. At the same time, it actively promoted the application of Chinese standards in the overall layout of the port, pile foundation construction, building engineering, and seawater desalination, with an application rate of 56%. It also focused on promoting green construction technology innovation, achieving good results in energy saving, material saving, water conservation, and environmental protection.

The National Quality Engineering Award is organized and selected by the China Construction Industry Management Association. It is the earliest and highest-level national quality award established in the field of engineering construction confirmed by the State Council, and covers various industries in the field of engineering construction, such as architecture, railway, highways, and metallurgy. The content of the evaluation covers all engineering construction procedures and links from project initiation to completion and acceptance, evaluating the quality of engineering. The award is evaluated once a year.