iDesalt® AGRO series brackish water desalination system for agriculture

2021/08/17 661

iDesalt AGRO series is a modular Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) machine designed to produce freshwater for irrigationpurposes. With the increasing of the costs of surface and groundwater supplies, brackish water desalination is becoming an alternativesolution especially for high-value horticultural cash crops and a selection of salt-tolerant crops where blending high quality desalinatedwater with saline feed-water help to decrease significantly the operation and maintenance costs. Our iDesalt AGRO series desalinationplants offer production capacities from 550 to 5,000 liter/hour (2.4-22 USgpm) which adapt better to individual farmer requirementsand to the existing micro-irrigation structures.

The water intake recommendation, extra pre-treatment and post-treatment customizing, installation supervision service, commissioning services could be provided by the QT technical team upon request.

System characteristics

  • Stability and reliability: We have nearly 30 years of experience in the design of desalination systems. 

  • Better flexibility: Modular design makes different combination available according to site condition. 

  • Optimized energy consumption: using high-efficiency pumps working with Various Speed Diverter (VFD), and low-pressure membranes.

  • Compact design: with powder coating frames.

  • Simple control: One button ON/OFF.

Extensive applications

  • Horticulture (e.g. grapes, strawberries, exotic flowers, and temperate vegetables)

  • Salt-tolerant crops (e.g. olives, date palm, sugar beets, rapeseed, guar, camelina) 

  • Plant nurseries 

  • Individual gardens

Technical specifications

iDesalt AGRO 500-5000


1) The rated product flow and rated recovery rate are based on the design feed (1,000 ppm, 20°C brackish water), other recoveryrate could be reachable, contact us for details. 

2) Higher pressure above maximum system could be applicable upon request. 

3) The dry weight excludes water (operating or other). 

4) The rated power and energy consumption calculation are based on a design feed (4,000 ppm, 25°C brackish water), the rated flow and rated recovery rate. The calculation include the power of feed pump and high pressure pump (HPP), but exclude the power of intake pump, product supply pump, cleaning pump and dosing pump.

5) Installed power include feed pump and high pressure pump (HPP).

 Download the technical datasheet of iDesalt® AGRO