fastRO® R series ROBUST type small size seawater desalination system

2018/05/08 5309

fastRO® R series Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) machine is a small all-in-1 system, with most parts installed in 1 skid.

It is suitable for municipal use of small island, hotel, warship and other high-reliability applications. The fresh water capacity is 270 to 1,080 liter/hour (1.2-4.8 USgpm).

Desalination solution

System characteristics

  • Stability and reliability: We have nearly 30 years of experience in the design of desalination systems

  • Quick installation and commissioning: Most of the installation is completed before delivery. Better filtration: 3 steps filtering process including sand filter, pre-filter and main filter to ensure better protection for high pressure pump, energy recovery device and RO membrane

  • Long life: Using Sch40 duplex (EN1.4462/UNS S32205) high pressure pipe and fittings, SS304 frames and heavy duty powder coating

  • Low energy consumption: Using high-efficiency high pressure pump (super duplex pump based on axial piston principle) and low energy-consumption RO membrane

  • Low noise & vibration level: Using high pressure hose and vibration damper

  • Fast restoring: In case of malfunction, the whole system can be restored quickly by using standard parts

  • 3 types: Manual, Auto and Turbo

Desalination solution

Extensive applications

  • Hotels & resorts 

  • Cruise ships, warships and public service vessels 

  • Residential place in islands or remote coast areas

Technical specifications

Desalination solution


1) The rated product flow and rated recovery rate are based on the design feed (35,000 ppm, 20°C standard seawater), other recovery rate could be reachable, contact us for details

2)The normal operating system pressure shall be higher than the minimum system pressure above. Higher maximum system pressure could be applicable upon request

3)The dry weight excludes water (operating or other)

4)The rated power and energy consumption calculation are based on a design feed (35,000 ppm, 20°C standard seawater), the rated flow and rated recovery rate. The calculation include the power of feed pump, high pressure pump (HPP), energy recovery device (ERD), cleaning in place (CIP) Pump, but exclude the power of intake pump and product distribution pump

5) Installed power include feed pump, HPP, ERD, CIP pump

Desalination solution Download the technical datasheet of fastRO® R