fastRO® C series CONTAINERIZED seawater reverse osmosis system

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Desalination solution

fastRO® C is available for both indoor and outdoor use. All the desalination components are pre-assembled in 1 to 2 containers, including the piping and control systems, which considerably reduces the on-site installation workload and time required for effective fresh water production. The design and manufacturing of the system comply with ASME, ASTM, IEC, and other internationally recognized industry standards. The fresh water capacity of fastROC is 50 to 2,000 m3/day (2,040-83,270 liters/hour).

The water intake recommendation, extra pre-treatment and post-treatment customizing, installation supervision service,  commissioning services could be provided by the QT technical team upon request.

fastRO® C VS traditional desalination system

Desalination solution

Note: the comparison is calculated roughly on the basis of 1,000m³/days water production.

System characteristics

  • Stability and reliability: We have nearly 30 years of experience in the design of desalination systems

  • Better filtration: 3 steps filtering process including sand filter, pre-filter and main filter to ensure better protection for high pressure pump,  energy recovery device and RO membrane

  • Quick installation and commissioning: Most of the installation is completed before delivery

  • Long service life: The wet parts are made of duplex, SS904L, UPVC or other plastics and the heavy-duty marine paint is used for frame and  container

  • Easy operation: User friendly control by touch screen with remote control

  • Fast restoring feature: In case of malfunction, the whole system can be restored quickly by using standard parts

  • Upgrade on demand: We can add sensors according to customer needs, collect data remotely and provide operational consulting service

Desalination solution

Extensive applications

  • Construction site

  • Factory facilities

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • sland residents

  • Agricultural exploitations

  • Other customized applications

  • Military water supply

  • Mobile water supply vehicle

  • Mining operations

  • Oil drilling platform

Desalination solution

Technical specifications

fastRO® C50-300E

Desalination solution

fastRO® C400E-2000E

Desalination solution


1) The rated product flow and rated recovery rate are based on the design feed of 35,000 ppm and 20°C standard seawater. Higher product flow and higher recovery rate could be reached upon demand

2) The normal operating system pressure shall be above the minimum pressure. The system could be adapted to higher pressure above 70 bar when needed

3) The power consumption is based on the design feed of 35,000 ppm and 20°C standard seawater, but does not include the consumption by the intake pump, product supply pump, Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HAVC)

4) Installed power includes feed pump, high pressure pump (HPP), energy recovering device (ERD), cleaning in place (CIP) pump, dosing pump and lights

Desalination solution Download the technical datasheet of fastRO® C