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  • fastRO® C series CONTAINERIZED seawater reverse osmosis system

    fastRO® C is available for both indoor and outdoor use. All the desalination components are pre-assembled in 1 to 2 containers, including the piping and control systems, which considerably reduces the on-site installation workload and time required for effective fresh water production.

    2018/09/25 27796

  • fastRO® R series ROBUST type small size seawater desalination system

    fastRO® R series Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) machine is a small all-in-1 system, with most parts installed in 1 skid.It is suitable for municipal use of small island, hotel, warship and other high-reliability applications. The fresh water capacity is 270 to 1,080 liter/hour (1.2-4.8 USgpm).

    2018/05/08 5180

  • iDesalt® AGRO series brackish water desalination system for agriculture

    iDesalt AGRO series is a modular Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) machine designed to produce freshwater for irrigationpurposes. With the increasing of the costs of surface and groundwater suppli

    2021/08/17 admin 566

  • iDesalt® BWC series containerized brackish water reverse osmosis system

    iDesalt® BWC brackish water reverse osmosis system is a containerized desalination solution, with most parts installed into 1 or 2 containers, and fresh water capacity of 100 to 2,000 m3/day (4,080-83,270 liters/hour).

    2018/04/25 5224

  • Other customized desalination system

    With the development of water technologies, desalination of seawater by reverse osmosis is one of the most sustainable solutions to water scarcity. The reverse osmosis process can guarantee a continuous supply of water for households, factories, and agricultural lands.

    2021/08/13 4635

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